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Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade

Coheed and Cambria would not be your average militaristic sci-fi concept band; even if there were such a thing. The first thing that strikes the casual emo listener when they pop 'Second Stage Turbine Blade' into their stereo is Claudio Sanchez's falsetto vocals. He hits notes higher than NASA can send a rocket-propelled robot. This gives even the most simple tunes a energetic feel. Not many can really compare CO&CA to other people making music today, so here goes my only attempt: Phil Collins singing Thursday. Thats about it. The album starts off with one of those annoying Thursday-esqe intro tracks, which, I must admit, i usually skip over. But soon enough the disc flow into 'Time Consumer,' a catchy tune with average guitars, but just by adding Sanchez's vocals it becomes one of the most emotional and passionate songs I've heard from an Equal Vision band since Saves the Day fled for Vagrant. The next track,'Devil In Jersey City' is more of the Pop-Punk variety, but a CO&CA classic nonetheless. 'Everything Evil' is strange, and must have something to do with the novel Sanchez has developed in his mind that coincides with the album. Another standout track is '33' which is rumored to be about former New York Knick, Patrick Ewing. (33 was Ewing's Number). Another thing I've noticed is that almost every song has somekind of a military/ secret government operation feel. Strange? Yes. But there isn't much that is average about this outstanding band. Top Track - 'Devil In Jersey City'