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Weezer - Pinkerton

Rivers Cuomo and the boys were sick and tired of being labeled "one-hit-wonders" and wanted to make an album with more substance that would stick. So, in November of 1996, Pinkerton hit stores. The album was a commercial disaster. Rolling Stone gave it 3 out of 5 stars at first, but later named it the worst album of the year. There was no clear cut single off it, so Geffen basically abandoned it. This disappointment put the group in a 4-year hiatus, and eventually led to Matt's (bassist) leave. Yet, throughout this period, fans were listening to the album and realizing how brilliant it was. Sure, there was no Buddy Holly like track on it for radio, but the single greatest invention spread the word; The Internet. The album gained a huge cult following for its heartfelt tracks, including songs about Japanese fans, falling in love with a lesbian, and being tired of the rock star life. Fans felt the emotion Rivers had put into the CD, and when Weezer began playing gigs again, Pinkerton tracks were always the most requested songs. This album is often considered as one of the classic "emo" albums (even though Rivers claims he is not emo). Best Track - Across the Sea/The good Life.