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Bright Eyes - Lifted (or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground)

Mr. Conor Oberst goes for broke again with his latest album. Bright Eyes, the brain child of Oberst, is almost the definition of emo. Though much has been swirling about Conor himself (going out with Winona Ryder, alcohol addiction, thing is for certain; his music is still beautiful. Lifted showcases the lengthy song writing talent he has, coming in at over 70 minutes. This isn't your poppy Dashboard-esque emo here kiddies; these are raw, rough, and unpretty songs about love, life, and drinking. Listening to the album almost feels like watching a movie with no screen. The tracks seem to flow together, pasting a story. First time listeners may be put off be his voice or sound, but to understand bright eyes is to go into the lyrics themselves. It's not the "oh my girlfriend dumped me as I cry my eyes out" music many may expect. Saddle Creek is gaining the reputation as being one of the best labels for up and coming emo/indie acts, and this album is a perfect example why. Oberst is a genius. Top track - Method Acting