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The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile

Well, here it is. As far as I'm concerned this was first emo album ever made. The holy grail of 'true to the roots' emo fans. Made all the way back in 1997, but fear not, this album has everything any emo fan could want. Deep, powerful, intensely emotional lyrics, the occasional scream, the fast - slow - fast then slow again guitars. The Get Up Kids masterfully create a wide range of emotions, and moods not only contained throughout the entire album, but within each individual masterpiece song. It's all there. Whether you feel like completly rockin out, singing along and dancing or mellowing out, this album is for you. I don't have the nerve to describe their sound by using other artists, since their sound is so original and unique. Every track is equally spectacular as the next. But for me, the top track has to be 'Shorty' just for its raw intensity. But You couldn't go wrong with picking other classics from the pioneers of emo like 'Don't Hate Me,''Last Place You Look,' or 'No Love.' The only complaint I can honestly say I've heard about this about is that the powerful, distorted guitars sometimes drown out the vocals. If you find this to be the case, make sure you have the remastered version. The remastered version has artwork like the pic above. Overall, this is a perfect album. Next time you see the 'All American Rejects, 'Dashboard Confessional,' or the 'Starting Line' on MTV, pop 'Four Minute Mile' into your stereo and get a taste of pure emo before it became the tarnished industry it is today.