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The Early November - For All Of This

'For All Of This' has all the marks of a young band struggling to find some identity. The Early November cannot seem to decide who or what they want to sound like. They lack a hook, something that puts them ahead of all the other emo bands that are cluttering Drive-Thru's roster lately. They dont have The Starting Line's energy, they are missing the hooks of Brand New, they are missing Dashboard Confessional's sincerity. The disc is ,well, flat as the land in their native South Jersey.

I'm not buying in to all the press. I refuse to accept their direction as the next big thing in emo. Now that I've made my opinon clear, I'll try to analyze the album. It opens with a loud one, 'Every Nights Another Story' but the song seems too unatural, the lyrics are pedestrian, and the vocals are of poor quality. This was a theme that would continue throughout. Each song seems like its a mimic of a different band. I hear heavy influences of Brand New's 'Your Favorite Weapon', Starting Line's Say It Like You Mean It, and even a hint of Jimmy Eat World on the ender, 'We Write The Wrong.' But in a over-crowded genre, there is little room for a band without a definable sound.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend picking this album up. But Drive-Thru will keep hyping this band, and they will continue to get undeserved attention. I foresee upon the delievery of their next album some MTV attention ala Starting Line. God Save Us All. Top Track - All We Ever Needed