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The Mars Volta - Deloused In The Comatorium

The Mars Volta. You just feel cool when you say it. The Mars Volta. In their much heralded release, The Mars Volta, formed from the ashes of At The Drive In, give the jaded music listener something that he/she has been complaining about the lack of forever -- an original, unique, experience, displaying fantastic classic rock stlye musicianship along the way. All the right elements are present in Deloused In the Comatorium, to make spread like wildfire through the stereos of cool kids, kids too cool for the new direction of emo, too unimpressed by the musicianship of the new bands, too bored with the same old wails and yelps, that they jump on something because they like the sound. Not of the music, but of the names. The Mars Volta. Deloused In The Comatorium. Cicatriz ESP. Disregarding the fact they don't know what a volta, or a comatorium really is. The are just too cool for everything else. Imagine you were standing around some elitist friends. They spout out all the normal names. Thursday. Saves the Day. Coheed and Cambria. You say The Mars Volta. ooo look at you your cool. Well we here at Emo Tunes could care less about cool.

Deloused In the Comatorium is just far enough out of the ordinary to pull this off. The lyrics are vague and incoherent to say the least. But the vocals are good enough that you could care less what the hell he is singing, much less what he means. The instrumentals are second to none, especially the bass, played by Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The songs are centered around the choppy bass, with roaming guitars and souring vocals. It makes for a very cool sound. Cool. Top Track - Drunkship of Lanterns