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Cursive - Blood Brothers - Eastern Youth

The Trocadero theatre was packed with an interesting mix of indie rock kiddies for Cursive and hardcore folks for The Blood Brothers. Eastern Youth opened up, and did a fine job warming up the crowd. This 3-piece outfit from Japan packed a cool sound, and added to the diversity of the bill. Next up were The Blood Brothers. I knew very little about them, but I was impressed from the start when I saw they had 2 lead vocals when the keyboardist was not playing. If you can imagine hot hot heat vocals done hardcore, that's kind of what he sounded like. They played a fair amount of songs and had the crowd very pumped up. Finally Cursive came on. They opened their set with "Sierra" and just continued on from there. The Highlight for me was when they played "The martyr". After about 45 minutes they left the stage, and came back 5 minutes later for the encore, which consisted of 3 songs. Their sound was not hindered at all and they sounded excellent. My only gripes with the show were that some idiots started a hardcore pit and a couple of girls were elbowed, and the shortness of Cursive's set. Other than that, the show was extraordinary

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