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Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

Album Disclamer - If you expect this album to be full of snappy tunes in the mold of 'The Middle,' do not buy this album. I just had to get this off my chest because that God forsaken song has brought many a snot nosed brat to their local Sam Goody to pick up not only J.E.W.'s platinum album 'Bleed American' but perhaps one of their others. Those same brats probobly threw this disc into the trash the next day not realizing they held in their hands a truly valuable listening experience, something not often found. Much to Capitol's displeasure, this is far from radio rock. (they were dropped from Capitol's roster following this release) The album's opener, 'Table For Glasses' is not your typical opener. Clocking in at about four and a half minutes, the song really doesn't have any pop appeal. Yet that is the beauty of this album. The masterful use of percussion instruments such as bells and abundant use of the violin is not found in the typical punk/ alternative/ pop stuff you're force fed over the air waves. But than again, 'Clarity' is not easily classified into any of those genres. Basically, it is an 'Up Yours' to the record industry. This album is emotional, but is not Emo. No screams, no break up songs, and it is missing the sing along teenage anthems. The lyrics are more poetic, highly symbolic, and the songs do more to convey an feeling than a story. Not a single note is wasted. It is a beautiful experience to listen to the disc from start to finish and it would be a terrible shame to butcher one of two of the tracks to make them more suitable for the radio. 'For me this is Heaven' is a great example of this. The track basically leaves record execs on their knees, desperately begging for an amped up chorus, more repitition, and pop appeal. Jimmy refused. The result is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever listened to. Top Tracks - 'For me this is heaven,' 'Clarity'