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Saves the Day - Can't Slow Down

Before I start this review, I'll state the impression I got once I got to know this album - Chris Conley is a genius. In the singer's first work with Saves the Day,the then sixteen yr. old showed enough maturity in his lyrics that would put the wanna be likes of emo bands that have popped up over the last few years to utter shame. But his genius doesn't end there. Due to a lack of practice by his bandmates before Saves the Day went to record this album, Conley ended up playing most of instumentals with the exception of drums. (It is to no surprise, Conley and drummer Bryan Newman were the only original members left when the band went to record their second album.) Released on the distinctly hardcore Equal Vision, it is understandable that Saves the Day made an attempt to keep some of the songs on the album with the Equal Vision tradition. This is evident on the songs 'Deciding' and 'Collision'. But there are also some tracks where they give a little preview of their next album. These songs are 'The Choke' and 'Always Ten Feet Tall.' The album closes with one of the all-time great Saves the Day songs - 'Jodie.' Clocking in at over four and a half minutes, with a monster intro and kick ass lyrics it summarizes Saves the Day at this point in their careers - driving beats, wild guitars and sincere emotional lyrics. The only thing keeping me from giving this album a perfect score is the sound quality. At first it is a little difficult to make out the words, especially if the listener isn't used to Conley's style and New Jersey spin. Give it a few listens before you make your judgement, or maybe print out the lyrics so you can follow along. Top Tracks - 'Always Ten Feet Tall', 'Jodie'