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About & Our Mission

Founded during the dog days of the summer of 2003. The brainchild of Brian Barry, and his good pal, Danny Pierson.

NJ is where its at. This page runs on the power of animals killed for their beliefs.

You, yes you, can be a part of our staff here at 'Emo Tunes.' You can help out anyway you can think of. For Ex. WE NEED ALBUM REVIEWERS. Nobody wants to hear my opinion on every single album review. Write a review of an album I have not yet reviewed and send it to me at Be sure to include the Top Track. There's a great chance we'll accept your review, and we'll post it on the site. If we really like your review, we might ask your to become part of the distinguished 'Emo Tunes' staff. Thanks A million. - Brian & the gang