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Vocabulary Words

Michelle Wang
Mrs. Damman's 7th Grade English Class
Block #1
Book Project


Welcome to my Book Review page. It is devoted to the book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and the various things you can learn from it. It is a tremendously good book that I would highly recommend to anyone, especially to girls interested in High Fantasy because, of course, this book is a fantasy (as the title suggests) and has a girl for a heroine. I myself have read this book more than a couple times, and am still equally delighted with the content the same way I was the first time I read it. Even after you know what's going to happen, the book does not lose its charm.

Set in a fantasy world filled with humor and spirit, Ella Enchanted is about a girl, Ella, of course, who is under the curse of a fairy. Any command given to her, she must obey. Because of this spell, she is in danger every moment. If someone orders her to kill someone, she'd have to do it. As she grows older, she learns to delay the obdience, but never rid of it.

Then one day, she meets her prince in shining armor (who really is a prince). They fall in love, and eventually, she is asked for marriage. She cannot be with him, however, because, should anyone ever discover of her curse, she would endanger him. Will she be able to break the curse? Or will she be trapped in a world of obedience for the rest of her life?

This wonderful book has a powerful theme: Selflesness, and the power of love. Whenever you're in a difficult situation, remember to act like a modern-day Ella: Pursue what's best for loved ones, even if it means giving up on your own joy.

Above, there are some links to related sights about Ella Enchanted by me. Hope you enjoy!