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these are all the original lyrics as of 6/21/03 all are written by rob moriarty "4 3 2 1" where to go, what to do another nice day with a sky so blue iím here to stay, iím here to go forgetting all that i used to know that i used to know where to be, where to stay donít know where iíll end up today lifeís just a big grassy knoll so lay back, relax and let the good times roll let the good times roll i wanna rock the daylight wanna rock the moonlight wanna let the world know that rockinís alright wanna let it all out wanna scream and go shout to the world that i like to 4 3 2 1 go! power chords are what i play gonna sound em loud every day make sure the whole world can hear all my rocking shit from right here right from here makin sure the timingís right writing these stupid words all the night each one with a seperate sound gotta make sure i get the order down get the order down (chorus) on my way to the show gonna meet up with the guys that i know studs strapped on, hair dyed blue laces tied tight so i donít lose a shoe dont lose my shoe rocking out to nfg the only band i wanna see i know what i gotta do just scream, ďmy friends over you!Ē i wanna rock the daylight wanna rock the moonlight wanna let the world know that rockinís alright wanna let it all out wanna scream and go shout to the whole wide world that i like to rock! "a little something" intro i just want you to know i love the way you smile and i just want you to know youre the only one whos worth my while cus you are the light of my life without you i canít see so please just agree with me when i say weíre meant to be pre chorus somebody help me now im stuck inside her tender heart but i guess thats not a problem because weíll never be apart chorus how do you do it to me you make me feel so good inside when im not around you i just seem to run and hide you are the only one who can catch my eye its almost like you try i will show you everything youíve always wanted to see ill prove to you that i can be everything you want me to be ill take you here and ill take you there you wont miss a thing cus ill take you everywhere so please baby come with me ill show you the true meaning of happy pre chorus chorus interlude prechorus chorus chorus outro "flipped in a minute" i know that we just met a couple days ago but already iím telling you iím flippin inside the way you said hi and the way that you smiled says youíre not bad at all, no your looks didnt lie (prechorus) my world flipped in a minute what was wrong is right and what was right is wrong (chorus) the way you looked the way you flipped your hair the way presented yourself let me know that baby you really care about me you could pull me apart with very little force but instead youíre the glue that holds me together you could make me look stupid behind my back but you that i know that your much better prechorus chorus im so lucky im so lucky im so lucky that i found you chorus chorus "on my own" mad again sittin alone on the couch wondering where my life will go from here sad again watching cartoons by myself wiping away the one last lonely tear and when i think i have what i want you turn around and let me know i dont because you think i wont do anything you think iíll stick around but i wont i wont... (x4) stay walkin slow taking it easy as i go counting each step that takes me farther away eyes shut tight lying under the blankets and enjoying this lovely pitch black day forgot my dream it came so quickly and left so fast its hard to believe it was ever here at all failed the test the info i need canít be found in books i have no support to stop when i fall i fall...(x4) down itís a blur everything slips by my view and you canít know if even i cant see tomarrow weíll discover that youíre fine but who the hell knows just how iíll be iíll be...(x4) on my own on my own on my own on my own on my own "unprotected" why canít you hear me? Iím speaking as clearly as I can is there something you donít get? how can I help you understand? I cant do this alone Iíd appreciate your help I know youíve been this way before I know just how youíve felt (chorus) I come here to ask you please donít disappoint me I know we can do this itíll be the way it used to be if you just hang in there I promise I wont let you down everything will be fine youíve just got to hang around I want you to know that I want the best for you and Iíll do what I can to make sure that I do all that I can to make you know your not alone they canít be torn be apart these hearts that we have sewn (chorus) (interlude) and i have asked a thousand times what can i do for you and i have asked a thousand times what can i do for you and i and i and i and i say 1 2 3 4 go! (chorus)