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Your Name:: Glen

Your Email::

Aim/Aol/MsN/Yahoo: Lazerskate13

Wrestlers Name:: Cash

Wrestlers Nick Names:: N/A

Height:: 6"2'

Weight:: 225lbs.

Alignment:: Neutrual

Gimmick:: bADASS

Wrestling Style:: Tuff Hardcore Wrestleing

Top 10 Moves:: Finisher,Signiture move,power bomb,snap suplex,450 splash,Nothern Lights Suplex,DDT,Attack of fists,bulldogg,clothesline, vicious kick too the side of the head.

Theme Music:: Click Click Boom by Saliva

Signiture Move:: Cash Bomb

Signiture Discription:: F-5

Finisher:: CashMoney

Finisher Discription:: Batista's Power Bomb