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Your Name:: Justin

Your Email::

Aim/Aol/MsN/Yahoo: safetysecond222

Wrestlers Name:: X-Dawg

Wrestlers Nick Names:: X, or Dawg

Height:: 6'4

Weight:: 248

Alignment:: face

Gimmick:: fred durst like

Wrestling Style:: jericho/rey mysterio/goldberg

Top 10 Moves:: Powerbomb

2= super star press

3= Sharpshooter

4= spear

5= power slam

6= kick to head

7= back drop

8= multiple punches

9= super kick

10= Bronco Buster

Theme Music:: "X gonna give it to ya" by DMX

Signiture Move:: Shooting Star Press

Signiture Discription::Shooting Star Press

Finisher:: X-Bomb

Finisher Discription:: x-factor/ powerbomb

Manager if any:: shane mcmahon

Homepage for wrestler: