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Match one-Fallen Angel verse K-Kliq (standard match) title-Intercontinental

[Fallen Angel walks to the ring to the sound of Far Away]
[K-Kliq walks to the ring and hits a dropkick]

{Fallen Angel hits a cradle DDT}
{K-Kliq gets up and backdrops Fallen Angel}
{K-Kliq stomps his head}
{K-Kliq does it again}
{Fallen Angel gets up and lifts K-Kliq into a DVD}
{Kliq crashes to the mat with a THUD}
{Fallen Angel picks up K-Kliq and goes for a chokeslam}
{K-Kliq counters with a kick to the groin}
{Kliq watches Fallen Angelf crumple to the ground}
{K-Kliq rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair}
{Fallen Angel slides out of the ring and pulls a ladder from under the ring and climbs it]

{Fallen Angel clmbs down and flattens K-Kliq with a Fallen Kick}
{Fallen Angel Climbs the ladder again and dives off for a senton bomb}

{Fallen Angel goes for the roll up}
(kick out)
(Fallen Angel rises and K-Kliq gets up slowly as well)
{Fallen Angel tries to hit a german suplex but K-Kliq flips out of it}
{Kliq throws the chair at Fallen Angel’s head} {Fallen Angel catches it and Kliq does a koppo kick to the chair driving it into Fallen’s head}
(kick out)
{Fallen Angel gets up and is bleeding}
{Fallen Angel lifts the fallen K-Kliq}
{Fallen Angel kicks Kliq in the gut and hit a huge Fallen Upward}

DING, Ding Ding

“Here is your winner and new ECHWF Intercontinental Champion, Fallen Angel!”

Match two-Freak Show verse Jon {title-ECHWF World} (Hell in a Cell single) [you must climb the ladder to reach the belt] (West Side Connection hits as Jon walks out to ring)

(As me inside plays Freak Show walks out from the curtain and taunts the crowd and gets a hell of a lot a of cheers)

[Freak Show lays Jon out with a thrilling clothesline]

(Steel walks out and takes a seat at ringside)

[Freak Show turns around]
[Jon hits a kick to the gut and tries to get in a twist of fate]
[Freak Show counters with a snap suplex]
[Freak Show picks him up and goes for a clothesline]
[Jon ducks and executes a pumphandle drop on Freak Show]
[Freak Show yelps in pain]
[Jon climbs the turnbuckle]
[Freak gets up and turns around]
[Jon jumps off the turnbuckle for a diving clothesline]
[Freak dodges the attack and bounces off the ropes and hits a flash magic]
[Jon is laid out flat]
[Freak Show lifts up Jon but Jon kick him in the balls to gain momentum]
[Freak Show falls straight down]
[Jon with the cover]
(kick out)
[Freak Show and Jon rise and Freak Show gets the sunrise submission 5]
[Freak Show releases the hold and grabs Jon’s legs for a big swing]
[Jon is down flat again]
[Freak Show climbs the turnbuckle]
(Jon gets up)
[Freak show hits a flipping neckbreaker]
[Freak Show with the roll up]
(Steel gets up, slides into the ring and breaks the pin)
[Steel lifts Freak Show and hits an outsider’s edge]
[He picks up Jon and big boots him]
{Steel climbs the ladder and grabs the belt}
Ding, Ding, Ding
“Here is your winner and new ECHWF World Champion, Steel!”

Match three-The Dominator verse Damien Knight {TLC single} for the ECHWF Hardcore title

(In Da Club hits the P.A. system as The Dominator, standing 5’7, 250 pounds, walks out)
(Heretic Anthem booms over the P.A. as the crowd rises to welcome their World Champion, Damien Knight)

[Dominator hits Damien with a clothesline]
[Damien gets up easily and dropkicks Dominator]
[Dominator also gets up and hits Damien with a vertical suplex]
[Damien is quickly up and dives between Dominator’s legs]
[Damien exits the “squared circle” and grabs the table]
[Dominator takes the table out of Damien’s hands]
(The table is now set up in the corner)
[Dominator whips Damien into the corner]
[Dominator goes for a grapple move but Damien boots him in the face]
(The table falls on top of Dominator)
[Damien climbs the ropes and hits a 450 splash to the table which slams on Dominator]
[Damien gets up slowly off that high risk maneuver]
[Damien lifts Dominator and goes behind him]
[Damien executes a multiple german suplex]
[Damien gets up and whips Dominator into the turnbuckle]
[He then executes Death From Above through the table]
Ding, Ding, Ding

“Here is your winner and still Hardcore champion, Damien Knight!”