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Saturday Night Flight
Match one-Fallen Angel verse Cash
gimmick-Intercontinental title

(Far Away blasts over the Flight-o-tron as Fallen Angel walks out from the curtain and taunts with a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd)
(Cash’s music plays and Cash runs out and connects with a kick to the gut of Fallen Angel)

[Fallen Angel is up and they both lock up]
[Fallen Angel come out with a DVD to Cash]
[Cash gets up pretty quickly and dropkicks Fallen Angel]
[They both get up and Cash kicks the back of Fallen Angel’s knee taking him down]
[Fallen Angel get up with a little limp and Cash kicks the same spot on his leg]
[Fallen Angel falls again and Cash goes for the cover]


kick out
[Both of them rise and Cash goes for the same kick but Fallen Angel dodges it]
[Fallen Angel locks up and spears him]
[Fallen Angel locks in a boston crab]
[Cash overpowers him and flips Fallen Angel out of the hold]
[Fallen Angel gets up and applies a leg lock]
[Cash crawls over to the rope and just grabs it]
[Fallen Angel releases the hold and goes for a hurracarana but Cash Counters with The CashMoney]
[Cash goes for the cover]


Ding, ding, ding

”Here is your winner and new ECHWF Intercontinental Champion…Cash!

Match two-The Switchblades verse The Innocentz(Jado and Blaze)
Gimmick-Hell in a Cell tornado tag (Tag Team Titles)

(Festival Song by Good Charlotte blares as Bad ass Blade and Punk ass Plague walk out into a dark room with a blue light cast across the arena)
(The Innocentz music comes on but the Innocentz wait a minute to come out from behind with Blaze taking out Plague and Jado taking out Blade)

[Plague and blade both get up and Blade spears Jado and Plague clotheslines Blaze]
[Blaze get up quicker so The Switchblades do a double dropkick to the chest of Blaze]
[Jado comes and takes them both down with a double clothesline]
[Plague gets up and chokeslams Jado as Blaze gets the chair and smashes it against the skull of Plague]
Blade is up and does a vandaminator to Blaze]
[Blade helps Plague up and Plague bodyslams Jado]
[Blade picks up Blaze and Plague kicks Blaze in the stomach]
[Blaze crumples and Jado gets up]
[Before The Switchblades can do anything Jado gets out of the ring]
[Blade connects a baseball slide to the head of Jado]
[Blaze gets up and powerbombs Plague]
[Blade looks pissed and hits another spear to Blaze]
[Blaze gets up and is hit with another spear]
[Blade brings Blaze to his feet and kicks him in the gut]
[Blade puts Blaze between his legs and connects with The Final Incarnation]


[Jado breaks up the pin]
Plague gets up and gives Jado a huge DDT]
[Blade and Plague both lift up Jado and double dropkick him]
[Blad irish whips Blaze and Plague runs across the ring and they connect with a Shot Drop]
[Blade spears Jado who was standing and Plague pins Blaze]



Match three-Steel verse Jon
Gimmick-World title

(The Real Slim Shady rolls as Steel weighing 355lbs. From Cambridge, Alaska walks to the ring)
(Jon’s music blares as Jon himself walks to the ring with Torrie Wilson)

[Steel hits a big boot to the face of Jon]
[Jon gets up and hits a dropkick]
[Steel is still up and he goes for a clothesline but Jon ducks under it and starts some repeated kicks to Steel]
[Steel catches one and doe s a dragon screw]
[Jon hold hhis leg as Steel picks up up and hits a sidewalk slam]
[Steel begins to stomp on Jon’s head and doesn’t stop]
[Jon rolls away from one and scissor sweeps Steel taking him down]
[Jon rolls out of the ring and grabs a table]
Jon sets the table up in the corner and whips Steel but Steel counters and throws Jon into the table]
[Steel applies the foot choke in the corner]
[Jon finds the strength to get out and dropkicks the back of Steel breaking the table]
[Jon lifts Steel to his feet and pushes Steel into the corner]
[Jon sets Steel up on the top of the turnbuckle and hits a spike ddt]


”Here is your winner and new World Champion…Jon!

Match four-The Dominator verse Damien Knight
Gimmick-ECHWF Hardcore title

(In Da Club blasts as The Dominator makes his entrance)
(Heretic Anthem plays as the Hardcore Champion Damien Knight walks out to hear the crowd boo)

[Damien starts to hammer away with the right hand]
Dominator move away from one and dropkicks the back of Damien’s head]
[Damien gets up and sidekicks Dominator]
[Damien hits Dominator with a big suplex]
[Dominator get up just to be clotheslined by Damien]
[Damien climbs the turnbuckle and executes a frog splash]


[Dominator is up and hits Damien with a cross body splash]
[Dominator kicks Damien in the gut and executes the Domination day]
[Damien gets up but Dominator sits him back down with a kitchen sink]
[Dominator sets up for the Dominator Drop but Damien low blows him]
[Damien hits a powerbomb and then a superplex]
[Damien and Dominator get up and dominator hits another Domination day]


Here Is your winner and new ECHWF Hardcore champion…The Dominator