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Name            : Katya Shuri Kartawijaya.

Nickname        : Kathy, Kat - Kat, Kate, Kat, Shu - Chan, Tummy, Tum - tum.

Date of Birth    : November 13th, 1989.

Birth Place       : Jakarta, Indonesia.

Eyes              : Mix, between brown and black...I don't know ho to say it...not dark
                    brown and not brown...

Hair              : Short and Brown...

Hair cut style   : Indies, sometimes I spike it with my hair gel...

Age               : You know...You can count it by yourself....

Height            : 5 ft 2"

E - mail          :,

Siblings           : 1 Little Brother, aged 4, will be 5 on this June 2nd.

Personality       : Perfectionist, Hard Worker, Optimistic, Childish, Unpredictable, Mysterious,
                    Flexible, a little bit Psycho and Crazy.

Instrument       : Vocal, piano, and guitar.

Hobbies           : Singing, Playing piano and guitar, sleeping, and playing pc games and playstation.

Shoe Size         : Usually 7 , but 6 or 6 1/2 in converse.

My Dreams

1st                : I want to be a marine biologist, this dream has started when I was 3 years old...
                     and I say it as Fish Doctor not marine biologist...LOL 

2nd               : I want to be a famous punk or rock singer, or being vocalist from one pop punk

3rd               : I want to be a famous movie star and become on Hollywood, and have a show on


Favorite Bands   : Simple Plan, Greenday, All American Rejects, American Hi/Fi, AC/DC,
                     A.F.I, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Sugarcult, The Wallflowers, Sum 41, Guns
                     and Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, MXPX (For
                     some reason...but I don't like them much...just a little bit...), 12 Stones, Muse,
                     Supergrass, The Vines, Coldplay, Nadasurf, Savage Garden, and The Strokes.

Favorite Singers : Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams, Norah Jones, Whitney
                      Houston, Alicia Keys, 5 For Fighting, Kelly Rowland, the last...Sheryl Crow.

Favorite Songs  : All Simple Plan Songs, All Avril Lavigne Songs, All American Rejects (Swing -
                     Swing, The Last Song), GC (Girls and Boys, Anthem), SUM 41 (The Hell
                     Song, Fat Lip)5 For Fighting (Superman, 100 Years, Something About You),
                     Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody, Love of My Life, Bicycle, and We Will Rock You),
                     Blink 182 ( I Miss You, Stay 2gether for The Kids, The Rock Show), etc, too
                    much to mention it one by one.

Favorite Album  : Simple Plan (No Pads...No Helmets...Just Balls...), Blink 182 (Take Off Your
                     Pants and Jackets), Christina Aguilera (Self Titled Album, Mi Reflejo,
                    Stripped) Rolling Stones (Sympathy for The Devil, 40 Licks), Guns and Roses
                    Album, GC's Album, Queen's Albums, Avril Lavigne ( Let Go, Let Go (Special
                    Edition), Bonus CD from her DVD My World), 5 For Fighting (America
                    Town), Coldplay(Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to The Head), Nadasurf's Album,
                    Muse's Albums, etc...  

Favorite Actor  : Hugh Grant, Ben Stiller, Aston Kutcher, Eddie Murphy, Rowan Atkinson,
                     Adam Sandler, and Mike Myers, and also Robin Williams.

Favorite Actress: Helen Hunt, Mandy Moore (She's good for acting, not for singing), and Julia

Favorite Movie  : Asteroid, Twister, Atomic Twister, Indiana Jones, The 6th Sense, The Ring,
                     The Eye, Free Willy (1, 2, and 3), Deep Blue Sea, Shark Attack, Dr. Doolittle,
                     Mr. Bean, Jaws, Flipper, 10th Things I Hate about You, A Walk To Remember
                     The Lord of The Ring, About a Boy, Zoo Lander, Life is Beautiful, Finding

Favorite Food    : Italian, Japanese (especially Sushi, Cawanmushi, curry rice and Udon), Chinese,
                     Indonesian Food...

Favorite Drinks  : Milkshake, Coffee, Frappucino, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mineral Water.

Favorite Candies : Flip n' Dip Push Pop (Grape, Orange, Blueberry, and Cola), Sweet Baby Bottle
                      Pop (Grape and Orange), Sour Baby Bottle Pop (Blueberry), Starbucks Coffee's
                      Lollipop, Peko - Chan Lollipop Candy (from Japan).

Favorite Ice Cream : Baskin and Robin (Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream,
                        Jamocca, Coffee and Cream, Royal Chocolate, and Chocolate), Haagen Daz
                        (Tiramisu and Chocolate).

Favorite Holidays    : Everyday is a holiday for me...

Favorite Days        : My birthday, My brother's, My mom's, My Dad's, My step mom's, My
                         dad's, Pierre's, David's, Seb's, Jeff's, Chuck's, Avril's, JC's, and also
                         My friends' s Birthday...

Favorite Lessons    : Physics, Math, Biology, Music.

Favorite Sports     : Basketball, swimming, jet skiing, rollerblade, sit up, push up, back up.

Favorite Disney's Figure    : Winnie The Pooh, Nemo, Pluto, and Donald Duck...

Favorite Clothing Brand : Spyderbilt, Rusty, Quicksilver, Paul Frank, Esprit, Giordano,
                             Nautica, Ecko, Etnies, etc...

Favorite Shoes        : Converse, Vans, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

Favorite Perfume    : Clinique Happy, Davidoff "Cool Water", Flower by Kenzo, Givenchy
                         Oblique, Bvlgary, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Crave by Calvin  Klein, DKNY,
                         Christian Dior "I Love Dior".

Favorite Body Spray : Victoria's Secret ( Love Spell and The green one...I forgot the name...The
                          smell likes pear), Attitude (Silly Strawberry).

Favorite Hair Styling Gel : L'Oreal Gel o Water, L'Oreal Tec Ni Art Wax... 


The Craziest Things I've ever done:
Screaming from hotel's window at 6.a.m with my friends in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and We're dancing and singing at the hotel balcony, we screaming and laughing out for about 20 minutes...And We're Yelling out...We're freaking out...

Most Embarrassing Moment :
I Don't Remember...Maybe when I was 8th grade...I fell on the floor...with  the garbage who follow me...Hiks...That's my embarrassing moment...I won't forget it...

Best Moment:
Being on stage with my last band...

Scariest Moment:
When I get up after had a nightmare...and When I get locked in a Bathroom...

Worst Fear:
Lock in a bathroom and stuck in an elevator...and luckily for the last one...It's never happened to me...And I pray for God...

No, I don't have...I had it six months a go, but We've broken up for 5 months...I won't have it again until I graduate from High School...Coz' I don't wanna feel it again for a while and my parents do not give me  any permission...But someday, maybe before I graduate from my high school I will have it...Coz' I'm gonna do some backstreet...LOL...And I don't really care with my boyfriend, but I really - really care bout my friendship...Coz' friendship is more important than a boyfriend...and if you lost it...You'll feel like a loser in all of your lifetime...But, I'll really - really care with my boyfriend if I really love him and he really loves me...But I won't forget my friendship...

Ultimate Place to Live:
Somewhere in the beach, with great waves, great sea, and a lot of dolphins and orca.

Yes, Right: -3.00, Left: -2.75 or Right: -2.75 or Left: -3.00, I don't remember it...

Things that I collected (Beside Simple Plan and Avril):
Dolphins, Whales or Orcas, Sharks, and sea otters (dolls, calendars, books, merchandise, posters, pictures, stickers, all...), Winnie The Pooh (dolls and merchandise), Bears (Doll and Merchandise), Candles, Seashells... 

Lucky Number:
13, 14, 28, 9, 8, 19, 3, 22, 5, 2, 12, 7, 25.

Can't Live without:
Music, my family, My Friends, and the last but not least...God, in The Name of Jesus Christ...

Hottest guys:
Pierre, David, Seb, JC, Chuck, Jeff, Travis Barker, Deryck, Aston Kutcher, Hugh Grant.

Type of Boyfriend:
Handsome, helpful, careful, good attitude, he loving me for me, he loves me as much as I love him, cute, honest, he must knows and loves music, and he can play it well...

I'll will fall in love with a boy, If he:
Sing a song that he's made special for me with his guitar or piano...