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That which once you knew, slowly declines
The unknown becomes your reality, Never knowing who to trust,
So called friends begin to turn their back on you, Forcing you to be alone, leading to your mistrust of the world, and ultimately the destruction of this Earth as it is known for Heaven and Hell will begin to cease to be.

Contents for Destruction

Leading to Destruction
Gods and Goddesses
Rules of the game
Bloodlines and Jobs
Instant Replay
Lost Souls
Adoption Center
Sacred Lands
Spending and Earning Money

~*****UPDATE 5/27/03*****~
WOW! My site is finally starting to become kick assage.....still needs work though. ^^ but it's getting there. I'd really appreciate some comments for improvements and such, if ya don't mind. Also, I hope to FINALLY have an rpg this coming week sometime.It's been so long. Lol I think during the next rpg I'll be giving away some freebies in a sense. Well, laters guys.

This site is for my RPG...Forthcoming Destruction. Clink any of the links above to find out some more info.Give me the gift of time and this site will become half way kick ass. ....I promise. I could always use some ideas too. Feel free to email me. ~*Tyche *~