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Kirsten's Site!!!!!!

hey gaytart sucks monkey nards!!!!!WTF 10 pages and yellin at me 4 not havin summin done a day b4 it was due w/e lol YEAAAAHHHHH straight 1's at state band festival!!! WoOoOoOoOoO gr8 job guys!!!!:) hey competitions next weekend yess hope we do as well as we did at KAR YEAH TOP STUDIO!!! lol good luck and gr8 job every1!!!! :) Shoutoutz: *-Meagan-lmfao yea start b*tchin at that grl w/ the attitude haha member ur a dumb bum!! lmao j/k! so many insiders...BFF!! *-Fran- wooo way 2 many but u kno what do i HAVE 2 say..oh yea....PAST LIVES!!! yesss lol member dance of the gnomes and evil plan!! yesss small groups 4 company! lol saddam jr. is in the dance studio or at least sum1 like him lol way 2 many more!! friends 4 life!! *-Jessica M.- wow the food on the bus 2 band festival!! lol r u allowed 2 eat this on the bus? yea if we keep it secret!! lol throw out any bottles of pop that u have!! well this is a can so i guess we dont have to throw it out...lmao thats great good times! lol chester! woo between us haha great friends!!!! *-Gracie- whoa where should i start?? LOL the twinkie dance!!! haha ur turnin into me with ur lil giggle like i do haha lets get some boxes 2 join or "mofia" lmao were like joined at the hip in school i swear lol u kno what i mean friends 4ever!!! *-Mike- lol singin "i will survive" on the phone lmao u sctrewed up at band o rama!! wait how many years ago was that?? lol oh well its all good haha CONFUZED!!!! YEA u kno ur the origional confuzed 1 so yea lol BFFNE! *-Julie- whoaaaa really way 2 many lol chinese pple n virtual basketball lol lets go bikeriding and crash into sum bushes while we get lost lol or we could go up 2 doors at schools and pull on them so alarms go off!! lmfao member uuuugggghhhhh let me iiinnnn lol oops outta the chair u go!! lmao we can jump like pple in punk bands by bending our knees real low and stick our butts out hahaha gr8 times friends 4 LIFE!!!!! *-Cam- lol SN haha no1 knos what it is lol singin words 2 linkin park: watch it go right out the window...what ur TOOTH!?? LMFAO that was good haha good times bff! *-WOOOO BRAVO DANCE CENTER RULES BABY YEAH!! lol hey all u guys from bravo thanx 4 helpin me out!!!! *-hey all mah band budds wed rocked at festival GO US!!! lol ur all da gr8est! woo well that was a lot of typin lol ill ttyall laterz lol smile like him>>:) haha *~*Kirsten*~*

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