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Full Name: Ron W. Platten
Nickname: Staples, Ronald McPlatten
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'7
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green
Piercings: 28 - Eyebrows, Nose, Bridge Of Nose, Lip, Labrette, Nipples, Ears and Throat
Favourite Number: 27
Favourite Band: Green Day
Favourite Song: "The Hell Song" by Sum 41
Favourite Food: Poutine and Pooter
Favourite Colours: Red, Green and Orange
Favourite Past Time: Hanging out with my friends, Partying, Drinkin, Smoking, Web design, Causing a scene, Going to T.O. cuz kincardine sux the nuts, Recording/Mixing and Piercing
Favourite Hangout: Timmy Ho's
Favourite Quote: Your Mom Says I'm Hotter Than You Are!
What I Look For In A Girl: Kind, Caring, Outgoing, Somewhat Hot, Likes Me For Who I Am. (Dream Girl: Brunette, 5'5, and Strong British Accent.)