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Hey Ya'll Welcome!

Hey all ya'll i am definately not done with this site i havent even started working on it. i am a busy person you know between hanging out and doing nothing i very busy! so hopefully this site will be done soon for all ya'll enjoyment! ~Kels~ In the mean time if i cant be entertaining you here is some good music that you can download and enjoy! SOME GOOD BANDS: 1.less than jake 2.weezer 3.mxpx 4.riddlin kids 5.get up kids 6.alkaline trio 7.guttermouth 8.reel big fish 9.the ramones 10.the clash 11.the who 12.the dickies 13.the donnas 14.simple plan 15.AFI 16.the misfits 17.bright eyes 18.jefferson airplane 19.jets to brazil 20. the deftones 21.radiohead 22.zwan 23.our lady peace 24.rooney 25.juliana theory 26.the all american rejects fighters 28.coldplay 29.dashboard confessional 30.voodoo glow skulls