You watch me silently, sadly, as my heart breaks into pieces. You bend, in a silent panic, and try to put them back together.

I sigh sadly, gratefully, at your futile attempts. I reach down and cup your chin, gently pulling you back up.

You smile sheepishly, waveringly, and glance down at the mess in your hands. You look back at me with hope radiating softly from your eyes.

I shake my head. "It's over." I whisper to you.

You start to cry. "I don't want it to be." You look at the pieces.

I close my eyes, blocking your pain. "I know. but nothing can be done." I say reopening my eyes.

You look up angrily. "No. We can fix this...I can fix it..." You say holding up the pieces carefully.

I shake my head again. "Look. It's too late." I say pointing to the pieces.

You look at me frantically. "They're disintergrating." You say trying to keep their dust in your hands.

I nod watching my heart. "It's just dust now." I say looking at your bowed head.

You look up regretfully, hurting. "I'm sorry." You say as the tears flow steadily.

I smile sadly. "I know. But it's okay now." I say trying to give you hope.

You shake your head adamently. "No. I loved you." You say watching as the dust begins to fade.

I touch your face. "You'll love others." I state wiping a tear away.

You shake your head again. "No one else but you." You whisper in pain.

I sigh I know it's true. "You have memories." I say watching your pain increase.

You look at me brokenly. "I don't want them. I want you...your heart." You look down at the nothing in your hands.

I feel nothing for your pain. "Goodbye." I say I know I should love you but I can't feel it.

You cry out in agony and clutch at your own heart. "Take it! Take it with you!" You scream at me.

I look at you confusedly. "Why?" I ask already begining to fade.

You come towards me. "Because I don't want to feel anymore." You say and grab my hand and put it on your heart.

I look at you calmly. "Okay." I say and begin to take it.

You smile and sigh softly. "Kiss me goodbye?" You ask hopefully.

I know this is wrong but I can't feel it so I nod. "Okay." I say leaning in.

You kiss me softly, quietly.

I take your heart completely, calmly, and hold it in my hands.

We watch as it disintergrates, fades.

We fade.

*its over*