We are Blind Til Now!
An Awesome Band from Omaha Nebraska!

Jan 15 2003
Man we are awesome! We practiced Sunday so maybe we will play a show soon.

Feb 13 2003
Well we have been practicing alot and we think we can go far. We are playing at Rebel's in Council Bluffs on the 21st. King-sized Muffins, Caenum, and the Castoffs are also playing. Rebels is at 16th ave and S. 6th street. Show starts at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm. $5. Call 712-396-0189 For more Info. So be there or be square.

Feb 14 2003
We played an audition for the Brookside Battle of the Bands. We played pretty good so I hope we can make it.

Feb 22 2003
We played the show at Rebel's. Because jon had to work til 8 we ended up playing the third slot. Man we did pretty good. We ended so strong with "Run" the whole crowd was into it and the whole bad jumped into the audience and kept the crowd in suspense. Overall with a few exceptions we did very well.