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OMG, fabu. I had to name this layout Juliet beacuse I am reminded every time I look at this piece, which is courtesy of Nocturne, of the play Romeo and Juliet at the end when Juliet finally dies. Brings a tear to my eyes. T_T Some people think the girl looks like she's a cadaver or something...I don't see it; what I do see is maybe she is in the process...her last few breaths. LOL, okay, enough of the critiquing. Anyway, onto this layout. Navigation is to the right. There are two columns, two different div layers so be mindful of that when editing. Also,a special note about this layout anything bolded or hovered over link will have the drop shadow effect. Spiffy, isn't it??


To use this layout, include a link of s.d. in your credits section and leave the current link on the layout alone. If this layout inspires you to make another one or you replace any of the graphics and use the code only, you must also credit us. Also, do not remove the credit header in the html file!

How To "Install"

To install this layout, unzip the zip package and then it should be found in C:->Unzipped. Then upload the all of the files without tampering with anything (like the names and so on...unless you know what your doing) onto your server and then after that, make sure everything looks right. If not, then you messed up or the zip file does not include everything (which rarely happens). If your sure you didn't make a mistake, you can e-mail me at Anyway, if everything is okay, go onto the next step.

Look for where the title of this design shows up on the top of the page and replace the name with your site's title. Then look for the code I put in that says "Begin Navigation" and "End Navigation" and inbetween those two codes you can put your links, navigation, ect. Then look for the other code I put in that says "Begin Content" and "End Content" and inbetween those two codes you may put your content, blog, ect. If the layout disired is frames or popups, the content can be found in the file "main.htm". Enjoy ^^


Although I didn't have to, I included the following goodies to match your layout. These are all transparent and I worked super-dudper-looper (lol) hard on them so please if your taking these only credit us! Enjoy ^^

Juliet Juliet