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Ashley's home page!

my favortie thing's to do!

Hey, what's up all? n2m here! This is my web site! yeah-i know it's the best web site in the world!My name is Ashley Meiss! I'm 12 years old and have green eyes, and brown hair with blonde highlights! I love to talk on the phone and chat on msn and yahoo !(my msn is and my yahoo is I have 1 snake, 1 dog, and 4 cats! There name's r albert, patchie, chuckie, lilian, lizzie, and tippy. Some of me good friend's are Mara Clore, Angie O'Meara,Matt Dever,treaver bazzell, and Brittany Steidinger. I have my 2 brother's name's are Josh and Weston and my sister's name is Derica! My mom's name is Jane my dad's name is Rahlf and my step dad's name is Curt!