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North Union Students Against North Union


What is North Union Students vs North Union? Well, it's a site made by an anonymous North Union High-School student who is fed up with the North Union faculty. This student is also fed up with the preps and jocks who like everything how it is and refuse to acknowledge the need for change.
The Unjust Imprisonment of 20+ Students on March 12, 2004

Principle's Message

First thing's first. This is the message given by Principle Vaughn Williams on the official North Union High School website, interspersed with critiques from someone who has "seen the light".

"Welcome to North Union High School! Our school is committed to excellence in education."
(Yet, a teacher that can not teach can not be fired because he is not doing his job. Way to go, school-sponsored Teachers' Union!)
"The 2003-2004 school year promises to be an exciting one. We intend to continue to offer academic and extra-curricular programs which enhance and expand the total experience for our students."
(While continuing to not offer any extra funding to the art and academic programs, while continuing to pile on more and more money for sports that continuously lose.)
"Our continuous improvement plan will reflect the district strategic planning process but will also continue to match the ever-changing needs of our student body."
(Yet, the ever-changing needs of the student body are not being met when arbitrary administrative decisions such as a ban on hair color and a ban on nudity, no matter how tastefully or abstractilly done, in the art show continue to be made.)
"Special attention will be given to technology integration, the new 10th grade graduation test, staff collaboration, and professional development."
(Yet, in order to integrate technology into our curriculum, we first need technology that is up to date and runs properly, NOT the Dells that were purchased with the Round TLCF Grant that continue to not function properly.)

If we may be of assistance to you, call us at (740) 943-3012.
(*Ring ring* Hello? Hi. I'd just like to tell you that you aren't keeping any of your promises that are spouted out left and right with all your "plans" that you mail out. I'd just like to let you know that you are doing a very poor job at doing everything you do.)

Vaughn Williams, Principal
North Union High School

Mr. Vaughn Williams, in all his glory

The High School...aka--Prison

NUSvNU is in no way affiliated with the faculty, or majority of the student body of North Union High School. This is an independent exercise in free speech, which is highly stifled in North Union school district. Swears and offensive material have been strictly prohibited on these pages, for the sheer reason that there must be NO reason to block this site so that ALL students at North Union can have the chance to read, and understand, the truth.