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Music  Andrea 

So i guess i should tell u a little about me...My name is david, i am 17 years old from texas.I am 6'4..185lbs and This is my first time with html but i think im getting the hang of it. I have a gf named andrea whois 14. We are gonna get married...not anytime soon.
My hobbies are skate boarding, playing games, the computer, and music. I love music.. As u can tell..i have built this web page to show me, and my intrests in music so that u can share them.

Here is a list of some local bands...i will try to put the url next to it, if i know it.
They are from WA and TX
Room zero, believe
And at u will find many more bands, and the links to some here!
More Pics of me and my Gf

My gf loves this pic of me..i dont know why...

This is a really good pic of me in a beanie...

Ok i look pissed...but my gf says its more like this "just want to jump in your lap and lick u pic"

Thats me in concert playing the bass, before i fucked up my arm..

Ok this is me being stupid and trying to make fun of avril..heh..

Thats my SEXY gf (dark hair) and her friend...andrea(my gf) is soooo pretty

MHM!! thats my baby!!!
So thats it for now about me!! go Chill at the rest of the site..