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I love u teddy bear!

About My Teddy!

I made this page so that people could get to know my gf a lil better and wouldnt have anymore doubts about who she is and stuff..

Very pretty...see!?
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Marital status:Getting married
Birthday:July 2nd
Shoe size:8
Fav colors:Black, silver, ivory, maroon, Antique blue
Fav foods: Thai, japanese, itallian ^^ (thats mah baby for u)
Erm i know she likes history and language arts and ecomonics, she is just like me, she is a nerd in school but cool outside without even trying!
She Has one sister and one brother (twins, 10) and lives with her mom n tom on weekdays and her dad weekends.
So thats a little bit about her, so u can see kinda who she is...but if u still dun believe me..Hear it from her friends!
Info by david joshua and andrea!

Melanie-"she's patient"
Whitney-"shes great"
Ava-"I think that andrea is a great friend and someone who i can trust"
JB-"um well i guess shes smart .coolio. likes the stuff im r like shes a good friend lol"
Nae-"she seems cool i guess from what i know"
Brittany-"Well I haven't talked to her much lately for a while, she's pretty cool though and...I hate her mom?"
Jeremy-"i love my mommy very much because she is pretty and real nice"
Kevin-"she be iight fo a lil homie" ehhh thats kev for u...
Matthew-"shes my sister n shes ok i geuss. shes nice when she isnt bein stupid
Kyle-"she is pretty..and from what davey boy says she is a pretty cool chick"
Drew-"em...i ges she be kool, dav here says she be iight n she not lookin to bad"
kristen-"she never gets boring she's a great friend."
Eric-"andreas kool shes pretty smart well prob smarter than me"
David-"i think she is perfect and loving, i have never met anyone like her. She is so perfect its unbelieveable"
See wow one had anything bad to say...everyone i asked is rite there...yer so great baby!!! I want u to know that no matter wut we say or how we act that we love u and still think these great things about u!
Baby i love u so much! And i never want u to think that anyone thinks bad about u, because yer so wonderful that they cant.