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~*~Alexis Dark~*~

Alexis Maria Dark Was Born On Febuary 14,1988. She Is Fifteen Years Old And Has Three Brothers:Matt(Her Twin),Jacob(16),And Chris(18).She Has One Cousin:Bridget(17).Her Mom Died Giving Birth To Her And Her Dad Commited Suicide When She Was At The Age Of Four.She Is Currently Engaged To Brian Dark And Has One Daughter,Kyla Brooke.Her Best Friends Include:Mandi,Trina,Aly,Venus,Puffy,Kelly,Allie,April And More.Her Favorite Bands Include:Good Charlotte,Mest,Weezer,NOFX,Sum 41,Blink 182,And More...

Current News:Alexis Just Had Her First Child And Is Currently Engaged To Brian Dark.Her Twin Brother Matt Has Tried To Commit Suicide And Is Very Depressed.Chris Just Got Back From America And Brought Back A Long Lost Cousin Of His With Him.Bridget(The Long Lost Cousin)Is A Major Prep And Isn't To Nice Around Alexis And Her Friends...Wait! Shes Not Nice Around Anyone,Not Even Guys That Flirt With Her!