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The aleatskaters site

the aleatskaters

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MaTt:Yo whats up this site is all about the aleat skaters and what we do. We are a local skate team from racine. We do some dope sh*t around the area. We got a few local skate spots we like to skate. A ware house, a school, an apartment complex, and some stores. We are coming out with a movie. It will be our first one and will be done in about Mid fall...It has been 1 year in the making. ShAnE:Yo Yo whats happening?. Im shane and im one skate or die bia. I like to hit up some local spots like our skatepark, Mitchell and some church rails, along with other ''secret'' spots. Skateing to me is a blast and i wouldnt give it up for the world..o yea and... F*CK REGIMENT!!! And Matt and I are making our own vidoe that branches off of as..itll rock AnDrEw:i suck but if my brother is not mad he'll say im good but,if hes mad he'll say i suck, i think he is kinda gay, but i am not sucky im pretty much as good as