TazGirL's Xena Page

Welcome! This page is currently under contruction...(ooohh I hate saying that!) This page will be dedicated mostly to Xena fan fiction. So far, there are only 2 stories, but since I'm writing them all alone, it takes time! For those interested,you can contact me on Yahoo Messenger (Nick is Mirage79),AIM (Nick is MidnightKid77),E-Mail: mirage79@yahoo.com ,and mIRC On the IRC Highway Network. The way to get there is: Open mIRC, type /server irc.irchighway.net After you're connected, type /join #Xena The channel now has a website if you're intrested!

Honey's Xena Midi Page

Find out which Xena girl you are.

You are Xenite number to find this site. Congrats to ya! Have some henbane-laced nutbread on me!