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Due to the decision of keeping the name flight 101, I figured the site needed to be updated. The reason we decided on changing the name is two reasons: We have heard that another band has the name. Also, all of the people that like the band demand us to keep flight 101. So I changed all the old logos to read 'flight 101' now. E-mail me if you find any part of the site that hasn't been updated from the Unheros to flight 101.

Posted by: Nick

Alright, first things first. We've decided our name is officially and will stay flight 101. Everyone seems to like it better, and thatís what weíre here for: to please everyone else. Now to the second piece of information. We finally got our demo CD done and are ready to start giving it out to labels and seeing what they think. Also, if you would like a copy of it, contact one of us or, you can go into the music section and click the songs for download. The quality isnít very good if you get them from our music section though. I suggest you just ask us for one. Until a later update, this is Nick saying goodbye to the one person that checks on this site every so often.

Posted by: Adam

Nick and I have been talking and we have come up with two working titles for the new CD hitting the streets soon. The names are "I Got Raped by the Toothfairy" and "Other Uses for Fruit". We agreed on the names and decided to use "I Got Raped by the Toothfariy" because it is a lot funnier. In the CD we will also have a toll-free hotline for toothfairy rape victims.

Posted by: Nick

Okay, it's not tour time just yet but that will come soon enough. Two local bands that we are good friends with have oganized a local tour. There band names are Fusion 32 and Bacchus. Our opening show will be at CCAC Community College. Check the shows section to see the dates, times ext. I will post more dates as we come across them.

Posted by: Nick

Alright, we recorded The Clubhouse Song yesterday and the mp3 should be up soon for that. Complients of our good buddy Peppy from Peppy's Punk Production. Also, we have a newly recorded version of G.S. for you ladies and gents. The music has not changed just better production. Our last one got fucked up in post and all the instruments come off by a beat after the break. So Peppy will have to be getting that up soon too. On a side note, Matt just bought a new bass with the new invention called the internet. It's a great thing, you simply type the thing you want, credit card number, and in a couple days your goodie is on the way to your house! Ingenious! Word up to G-SMOKE!!!

Posted by: Nick

Finally, after all this time, Matt Bolt is back in the band! This rejoining has been long awaited by everyone, and it makes me cum my pants to see his hot body playing bass again for us. Now that the Boltster is back, we are gonna have the band that we once had. When we were at our prime. The reuniting could not of been better timing. We are in the process of recording our demo which we are sending away to labels to see if we can jump on their band wagon. Also, we now will be playing shows once again, as well as joining in on a compilation with Montgomery Records (possibly). 2002 will be a good year for us, I can taste it.

Posted by: Nick

This is the first update of the new year and it's a good one. Finally, after all of this time, we have got a song recorded! Our first ever profesionally done. It's G.S. and it will be up soon. Within the the next week or so, we are also planning on recording more songs such as The Clubhouse Song, Freedom, Pro-Social, Kid Tested, Mr. Popular, What Should I Do?, It Still Tingles and many more. Keep checking back for when the CD will be done.

Posted by: Nick

Merry Christmas to all. I'm sorry to anyone that cares, but the demo may be pushed back a bit. But this is for a very, VERY good reason. Today I got a 32-track recorder that is very profesional. It will make for a perfect demo. I've got down a lot of it and we'll be ready to record soon. I'll keep you all updated on when it will be coming out!

Posted by: Nick

Today, we finished recording all of the vocals for the new demo CD. Now we have to go to Peppy's and do all the post production. Also, we have toturn it into CD and mp3 format. That should take a day or two. So I'll get back to everyone when that happens and I have the first demo.

Posted by: Nick

A few days ago, we had finished all of the music to the songs that will be going onto the demo CD that we should be putting out sometime before Christmas. This week, we are planning on recording all the vocals to it. This is also our last week before we get out of school for Christmas vacation. So on Saturday, we're gonna be taking the finished music over to Peppy's Production Palace (fancy name, eh?) and put the final touches on it. Then comes the mp3's which will be able to be downloaded off of music servers such as KaZaa and WinMX. So the CD hopefully will be out two days before Christmas. And what a convenient gift they would be for a loved one. Haha.

Posted by: Nick

Today in class, Cory Nolte gave me the pictures he took of us from Varieties. I was planning on putting them up right after school, but I fell to sleep. It's about 11:00p.m. but I still got them up, so go check em' out. Thanks again Cory!

Posted by: Nick

I'm sorry to anyone that cared about this, but our recording for the new CD will be delayed. The reason, we have no bassist. We did record a few songs on our old crappy-ass recorder though. The songs go as listed, the clubhouse song, freedom, pro-social, g.s., kid tested and too manly to be a woman. We're planning on hitting a studio once we find a bassist that can play the parts. After that, you can purchase our CD and we'll be shipping it around to different companies and see what they think. I'll get back to ya when there's more news.

Posted by: Nick

Alright, we have some big information for our two fans out there. Our bassist, Mike Bobak has recently informed us that he is quitting the band. We respect him not giving us a reason and we are all still good friends. But we are now looking for a bassist. Anyone know how to play the good ol' 4 string?

Posted by: Nick

Yo. It's Thanksgiving and I hope you all do nothing but sit back and eat an innocentley slaughtered turkey. Over the next couple days we are planning to record our demo which you can buy over this site for the low price of $5 (I know, I know. That was a horribly cheap plug, but we have to make money somehow)! Have a happy thanksgiving everyone from the unheros!

Posted by: Adam

Hi everyone. We are finally starting to get all the bugs worked out and are now playing shows, recording a demo tape, and getting this sweet ass web site up. The band is currently working on new songs and making parifanailia (stuff you can buy) such as shirts, cd's, and video's for your computer. Keep checking up on the site too or well send the mafia after you.

Posted by: Nick

Hey dudes. I've been working on ways to get our mp3's out to you. See, Angelfire has disabled the feature that allows you to upload mp3's to their server and allow you to download them. So I opened another site for us under Geocites and uploaded a couple mp3's. So far we have Freedom and Mr. Popular. I am hoping to get Kid Tested and It Still Tingles up eventually. That's all for now, but check out the music section reguarly for more.

Posted by: Nick

Alright, I know that it's been awhile since the last update, but we have been very busy with this show called Varieties. Hopefully everyone came out to see us play our song "Freedom." Our friend Cory Nolte took pics of the show and we should be getting them up sometime soon. Also, if you have a video of our performance, please send it on over so we can put it up as well. Quick recap of the show: Thursday: We were not given a mic untill the end of the song. Friday: Our mic didn't work at first, so we stopped and started over and it went great. Both nights were pretty good even though we got bitched at seconds before going on.

Posted by: Mike

Hey guys. We hope that alot of you can make it to varieties. I'm gonna try my hardest to entertain you in ways other than playin my bass during the show, so show up! Nick, Adam, and I have scavaged the best of their old bands music (Flight 101) and redid them with ease. I'm working on an original song and it's turning out pretty good, so that's somthing to look forward to. I'm also getting a new/better amp soon too! On the unhappier side though. Today I forgot about practice totally because I'm a retard. Sorry, I'll work twice as hard next pracitce.

Posted by: Nick

Ok, the reason for no updates is that we have been practicing for our big show coming up within the next couple weeks. We are playing one song, freedom for two nights in a local talent show called "varieties." It has been a tradition for about 100 years or something like that so come check us out. It takes place in the Keystone Oaks High School auditorium. We are opening the second part of the show. Also, I did manage to get up the band bio section. But I haven't been able to fill out all of Adam's section, because I haven't had the chance to ask him lately.

P.S. If you need directions to our show, e-mail me!

Posted by: Nick

Alright, so far I've gotten up the layout. E-mail us with what you think. Also, I have got up a few of the sections that may not apply to a curious fan such as sign-us, booking, contact info, stuff like that. I will be moving on to the other sections as soon as possible, and the rest of the band as well as myself will keep you updated.

Posted by: Nick

Ok, I finally got up the brand spanking new layout. I know, it's basic and not very interesting, but it will do for now. Anyways, I am slowly getting up the rest of the site. Once all of this falls into place, you will see regular updates about the goings of the band. Update coming soon...

Posted by: Nick

There is a new site coming. I am working on it and I hope it will look good. It will be released due to the new CD coming out eventually. I also will be uploading all the mp3's for the new cd as soon as we get them. Though there isn't a lot right now, it should be done eventually! Keep checking in for updates and stuff like that on this new site.

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