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Track Listings

1. Beverly Hills Coop
2. Santa Fe
3. Love Dogg
4. Paul X vs. The wellness Program
5. Kid Whiskey
6. Santa Dub



Intro - some cool black girl
oh please they about to blow up, in a minute though in a minute.

Verse - sean
Cant stop the pop when we rock,the sensimilla hit the top and the beats gonna drop the hip hop blends the rock what you got, soda pop,think twice i think not, cause the beats hit the spot, shots on the rocks and she said she want it, she said she need it, can i get anymore, but i'm on 506 and im ready to throw the rhythm, roll up some sensimilla head to the liquor store. So I wait, and I wait, Theres so much to hear but you listen to the same, cause I want it, she want it, we want it, she want it this way, the feeling that i want is the feeling that I'll be getting, im betting that i'll regret i did not lock that door, so I sit back and I can't believe it, I can't believe that they saw what they saw, but i'm on 506 and i'm ready to throw the rhythm, roll up some sensimilla, head to the liquor store
I've been waiting for that girl, nothings changing in my world.
break part - anthony
(lyrics coming soon)