an update,?
well, im in california right now, and paulX is in DC but the rest of the guys are on LI. not much happeningn with the band except that everyone is down for playign again. I had way to much to drink now im feeling it. eventually there will be a new cd, it will be fucking amazing, reggae rocking ass shaking amazing. 311 played a free show here on tuesday, how awsome is 311, im gonna be able to do the Tim Mahoney leg kick moves when Spop comes back, watch out.

Mack daddy of the week is now the DRunk hall of Fame

thats it for news right now, updating on a bands site that doesnt play until december but its all good, watch out in December, you cant stop the pop.


Morvay, this buds for you.

next soda pop preformance will be this friday at Nick McCasslins house, thanks to everyone who went to tricias party and rock out to our set. There were some songs on that set that we have never even practiced before we just decided to do it and it all worked out good in the end. I havent updated the site in a while, but heres some news thats happened since the last update, the band missed two shows, I (adam) crashed my car up pretty bad, the band broke up 3 times with paul quitting twice, I quit 2 times, chris and anthony not speaking to each other for a little while, and sean missing two shows cause he had to go to the beach, but we are all back together and doing good. Played a bunch of parties, Anthonys house, ramirez's hosue, tom fronzos, marys, tricias, and its been all good.


another cancled show brings it up to 6 in a row. Fuck shows though, we are gonna play on tuesday anyway at Ant$'s party so come there. Call one of us for directions. We are gonna play at 7 pm. so get there at six and then party. It should be wild, putting more lyrics up on the site so check out the music section and learn the words.


show next tuesday, lets see if it get cancled making it the 6th show in a row to be cancled. Soda Pop cds are out. get one. they rock and roll.
cool people today are joe cannetti = cool, steve shears = cool, chris valvo = cool, billy blunts is cool.
Jurassic Five is the shit. go listen to it all fucking day long.


Album Dropped today. God gave rock and roll to you.

May.27, 2002
Finished recording our cd on friday night, have to go back on thursday to do the mixing but it sounds good. 5 tracks, 4 songs and 1 dub, go to our show and buy one. Big party weekend, Friday Nicks house was out of control, but we were stuck in the studio till 12 30 so we only caught the end of it. Saturday Night was back to Nicks house, the cop came early and broke it up, but we were still rocking and went back. then ripped bong hits and heard subliminal messages in our own cd, it was wild. Sean died but he came back to life in the morning, and i have no clue what happened to anthony, he just dropped me off and dissapeared. Sunday Night, me and sean went to Jamies party which was rocking and rolling. Chris Paul and Ant were at Mo's party and it was rocking there too.

May.16, 2002 Our last 2 shows were cancled, and we couldnt play our show today. Our next definate show is on May 28th at the BBC, look on the show page for all the info. Our t shirts are out and selling good, buy them. Friday night was a big party night, good times, good shit. Our buddy dylan who is in that picture perfect band got his beer taped to his hand, then he threw up. The double dragon beer pong team ( Ant - Jimmy, Adam - Billy) lost two games in a row. it was weak, but its all good.


We should be playing a show this saturday, im not sure where and what time but i will update it once i know. We are in the studio on May 23rd and May 24th to record a 5 track cd and our "Larry Bird Logo" t-shirts should be on sale at our show on saturday.


Its ok, its still good kids.

March.26, 2002

I added a bunch of pictures from sammy girls party to the picture section, we need more pictures of sean, if anyone has any email thesodapopinski.cjb.net. If you have any other pictures email them too.

March.24, 2002

Soda pop played 2 good shows this week, on on thursday @ Someplace else and one on saturday at the sahara. Both went pretty well, there wasn't a lot of peopel there but we did good. Like to give thanks to Sarcasm who we played with on the Thursday for saving the day and having their p.a. with them. Picture perfect was amazing that day. Saturday we played with jatsv who were all very cool guys, much love to them, and our boys in the deepen the shade, who tore it up also. Lots of fun. The show on the 6th has been postpond i dont know if its gonna happen. We will be playing again on the 28th of april at the sahara probably with Kicked in the Head, Spitvalves, jonny and the supervillinas, and more so that should be fun. check out the show page. Maybe i will have pics up soon but my scanner broke, and we are possibly recording some time in the next 2 weeks.


Shows have been changed, we have been droped off the May 5th show due to disclosed reasons that can not be revealed at this time. Two shows have been added, on March 23rd, and April 10th. Other news, the band (minus Paul X, he was doing super secret stuff) took a trip to go see the NY knicks play the kings last thursday. We got there and immediatly tried to sit in the court side seats. Not even a minute into us seating there, the security aprehended us and took us away, they said they were gonna take us to supervisors cause we were pretty smashed at this point. they let us go after chris told them, " i thought we were allowed to do that" and they let us go. Adam met a kid from tokyo named haka haka tuto and he was on vacation in america so we gave him high fives. Then after the game we met up with a guy walking down the street. He took us to this wierd block, on that block was a rehearsal studio. we watched his band play was we sat back and menskied to their tunes, some funk some rock. It was a wild night in the city.


all the shows have been switched to the SOMEPLACE ELSE PUB in farmingdale, there is a new show added on april 6th at the village pub.


Not much going on to update, We have another show just added to the show section on the 21st of March, should be fun stuff with the picture perfect guys. we need a funny hip hop song to do a cover of so if you have any suggestions email TheSodaPopinski@aol.com, or just tell us cause i dont think anyone that we dont know ever came to this site. I saw our band name on the Blood Red site under their shows section, it made me realise how much we do not fit in on that show and how we need the posse to represent for us, oh well it should still be fun stuff.


Soda Pop did some recording today in Coops basement. We got Santa Fe and Kid whisky down, maybe i can put some of it up on the site. We had some fighting goin, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. It saturday night and there are a bunch of "people overs" and no real parties, i hate that. Someone should just throw the party, but no they got to do the just people over shit, oh well it will still be cool.Still gonna go get my gangsta grove on. Soda POP knows how to party.
UPDATES in the shows sections, the dates and venues have been changed.


Dan had a party last night, good stuff. Ant and Adam played some turbo cups but didnt do so good cause dylan was not that good at it, sean decided to throw some things at the peopel on the trapoline when they were hooking up.Tony threw an orange but it hit will sulivan in the head. Will got mad. Adam found some banannas from pathmark and people threw the banannas at each other. Sliwak step in dog shit and the tracked it into the house, smelly stuff. Mom and dad came home and kicked everyone out, Soda pop was partying hard but chris and paul were no where to be found, Sean was battling with some rap kids which was kinda tough i guess. Cannetti couldnt get drunk, he kept trying, it just wasnt happening,
soda pop loves you.