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Sinister Revolution is a Punk Rock band. We are composed of Andrew at the guitar, Pat at the Bass, Shibby at vocals and Greg at the Drums. We beleive in anarchy, a system of government in which the people rule themselves without central leadership. This is to be achieved in a course of generations teaching the youth to control themselves without central leadership. Racial discrimination leads us further away from our goals. This sets us fighting amongst ourselves so that we are not focusing on the main problem (government). We also beleive that all leaders are corrupt and greedy because "absolute power, corrupts absolutly". Human nature dictates all people are greedy and corupted but some more than others. We see this is the form of ourselves, America... We drill for fossil fuel in Alaska which in the end will be our self-destruction (global warming). Now President George Bush is planing to invade Iraq (which we know has nuclear capabilites)in the name of "The crusade on Terrorism" (As bush puts it). As a loyal christian he beleives that it is his duty from god to lead America in its time of crisis to overwhelming victory. When all this is over and the Taliban, Iraq or ourselves destroy the world all that will be left is everlasting nothingness... as far as the eye can see.