3-15-03 Hey whats up? We practiced today with Steve for the first time. We still have a few things to work out. We hope to play at the Joliet West Battle of the bands in late April. Anyway thats about it. Wait, one last thing. Adam's birthday is next wednesday(the 19th), so leave drummer boy a nice note in the guestbook and tell him happy birthday.


2-28-03 Hey ,whats up everybody? I know the site hasn't been updated in awhile. I have some good news though. We might have found our new singer. His name is Steve. The other good news is that we have another new song. good stuff. Check back in the next few days for more. -Sean

2-18-03 hey i have some good news for everyone. Although we never completly finished recording we do have a rough mix of some of our new songs on cd. If you would like one email one of us or just ask us if you see us around. Pat and I have several songs written but still a lot of stuff needs to be worked out. I'm not sure when our next show will be just yet because Pat is busy with school and work, My first track meet of the season is only a little away, but hopefully we can get something set up in the next month or so. Oh yeah, thank you again to those who came out to see the show last friday. -Sean

2-15-03 Well, we have been updating this page alot. The show yesterday was nothing other than AWSOME, August Testament made me cry with joy, and Ryan's Hope rocked so hard I wiped away my tears and began to jump. The Evil US's were excellent as usual. I couldn't be happier to play with such a great lineup. Also, thanks to all those who made it out to the show(even with the roads as bad as they were.)


2-13-03 hey i hope everyone is ready for the show tomorrow, its going to be great. We will be playing 3rd but only for about 20 or 25mins, because there is 4 bands. Anyway, I hope everyone comes out and has a good time. Oh yeah, lyrics for one of our new songs is up(iou). Thanks Will. -Sean


2-12-02 hey, whats up? We practiced today and it went well. We are all ready for this Friday. We are still thinking about a new name for the band. We have another new cover song and original(Pat and Jeff wrote it). Good stuff. Im not sure when we are going to finish recording, still have stuff that needs to be worked out. -Sean


2-10-03 hey, i hope everyone is doing well and has found someone for Valentines day.We have a show this friday up at Mojoes in Orland with Ryans hope, August Testament, and the evil us's.The show starts at 9 . Ryans hope is putting out a new cd and you can buy it at the show, good stuff. Anyway, we are going to be adding a new member to the band. His name is Jeff, he plays guitar and sings. Also we might be changing our name, we have serval good ideas but nothing for sure yet. Check back often, we are going to try and update the site more often. -Sean


1-31-03 Hey everyone, i know its been a really long time since the site was last updated.We have all been busy with work or just tryin to stay out of trouble. We still have a lot to go on our new cd, but we do have a new cover song and a new original song called "i o u" . I hope to see everyone at the show on the 14th. Oh yeah, everybody go check out ryans hope and assumed illegal tomorrow at the joliet vfw off of black road. - Sean



12-16-02 Hi, thanks to all who came to the last show. Even to those who don't like our music. We are not quite sure when our next show is, but please check often. - Pat


12-06-02 Hey, whats up everyone. We haven't really done much updating lately, but that little problem with the links has been fixed. Thanks for the help Will. If anyone does not like something about how the site is set up, please feel free to say something in the guestbook. Also, don't forget to check us out on the 14th with Ryan's Hope and Safety Net. - Pat



11-30-02 Hey, sHot oF jAcK are working on their new cd, and there are many new songs and covers on the way. So be on the look out. By the way, dont forget to include things about Sean in the guestbook, hes almost as sexy as me and Adam - Pat



11-25-02 yo what up everbody it's adam. we have a show December 13th at the Mason hall at 7:00 with Assumed Illegal and Saftey Net. We also are playing at battle of the bands at Joliet Central High School on January 25th, 2003. Any Q's Email me @ Adam31987@aol or Pat @ Patrickorourk@yahoo. Thanx 4 all ur support!!!!!shout out to all my boys, peace -Adam p.s. sign the guestbook



11-14-02 Hi, I hope you enjoy the new site. Please come back often because it will be constantly updated. Also we would like to thank Will for all of his help - Pat



11-14-02 Hello!!! This is sHoT Of jAcks new website, stay tuned for show updates, this site is still under construction- webmaster