Adam Barnett was born on March 19th 1987. At an
unusually early age Adam
acquired a taste for music, listening to rock,
metal, and punk. In fourth
grade Adam's mother forced him to take piano
lessons. Adam dreaded piano and
the nun who gave the lessons. His mom believe that
being musically inclined
would directly result in outstanding academic
performance so she made his
continue in music. Since Adam so greatly despised
piano he made a deal with
his mom to join the school band in the percussion
section, because the
keyboard instruments in the band are similar to the
piano. Adam didn't know
jack shit about the drums in the percussion section
so he started taking
music lessons at a music shop. He was able to learn
how to play the drums
dexterously well. Adam's drum teacher once told him
that jazz drumming is
like the base to all types of drumming, and that you
can do anything with it.
Adam took that advice and was accepted into the
Joliet All-City Jazz Band
playing the drums, After that Adam was now able to
play along with all of his
favorite bands. He began to admire and appreciate
all different types of
music as long as the drumming was done well. One day
Sean Hopkins asked Adam
to be in a punk band with him, and even though punk
is not Adam's favorite
type of music, out of the love of the drums, Adam
said yes.