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The Dream

I had a dream that will never come true,
I dreamt you loved me the way I love you.
Moonlight mist fell over the land,
I looked at you and you took my hand.
We walked through the stars to the Milky Way,
Side-by-side then you started to say,
Stay with me forever and I`ll stay with you,
And loving each other`s the only thing we`ll do.
Then I woke up and started to cry,
Realizing the whole thing, was only a lie.
I had a dream that will never come true,
I dreamt you loved me, the way I love you.

Dis Is A Picture Of Me!!

This Be Ma Brother LOL

This Is Mah Cute Lil Puppy!!

Gots To Choose The Right Path To Reach Complete Eternity!!

Im Always Here For You!!

A Water Drop On The Ground Will Only Vanish But A Tear On The Ground Will Be Forever Remembered!!


AzN Pride!

This Page Is Dedicated To A Special Someone And That Just Hopefully One Day She Recognizes How Much She Means To Me, And That One Day I Will Work Up My Courage To Tell Her How Much I Love Her!!


Yo listen up this be mah flow//
how my love was bestowed//
this is mah story//

This be the girl that brought me existence//
with her ma heart was risen//
until this episode arose//

She broke up with her boyfriend, and needed a shoulder//
someone to hold her//
and when I was about to, another player stole her//

God why is my life so demanding//
its been awhile and my heart still aint standing//
i dont understand how I feel//
at least no more//
when the love of my life just walked out the door//

For two years she told me to wait//
thats 728//
and i cant wait no longer//
not until this one passes by//
common give me the truth shawtee please dont lie//
be honest so i know//
the things you said were in da show//
ya you didnt want to hurt me//
instead you tore my heart//
im trying to explain my emotions through this poetic art//
im scarred forever, forever forsaken//

I dont understand it doesnt make any sense//
but i can't let this get me depressed//
its another lesson learned//
by god im truly blessed//
healed my heart when it was burned//
help me contest//
help me get back on my feet//
back on the road//
but i still wont forget her and everything she told//
i guess it wasnt for me//
it must be something bigger//
but now i gutta be the true fligga//
the one i was before//
before this angel stepped into my heart like it was her floor//
playaz think its time to improve//
nah im a be myself cause i'll never lose//
i'll still have my pride//
and still have this love that will never die//


Spontaneous Combustion, Legitimate this is da remix//
droppin in like atomically combustedly//
walking into this world listening to them mocaries//
creating intimate new rivalries and calamities//
shots fired loosing mass qualities, casualties//
all these jiggas wanna be like us, just like us
but we remain fabulous, tremendous

under construction

Name: Paul Beltran
Age: 16
Blood: Fili
Gender: Male
D.O.B: 9/29/85
Status: Lone
BirthSign: Libra
Area: 905
Location: St.Kitts
Fav.Niks: Baby Thug
Likes: Nice Things
Fav.Food: Nething
Dislikes: EgGpLaNt

Strength, Courage, Pride |^|

Puupy Love Caught In Act!!

Mah Bro(Angelo), Mah Sis(Kristine), Me

Raymond and Me

Anything Is Possible Never Give Up She Beautiful!!

905 Clique

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