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Well, to start off we are, Riddled With Bullets from Las Animas, Colorado. We consist of; Levi Gruber(Guitar), Nate Moreno(Bass/backups), and Chris Cunningham(Drums/vocals). About a year ago Levi and I, Chris Cunningham, got together and decided to start a band. Our only problem was that we didn't have a bass player, but I did have another friend, Nate Moreno, that knew how to play the electric guitar. At first he wasn't really hot to the idea of playing bass, but eventually he grew into it and got quite talented. So we began playing. At first we only did cover songs, but after a while that got a little too easy, so we started writing our own songs. As of now we have about five written songs. These songs are; Chopper Chicks in Zombie town, Armed Forces, Roi, Lower Faith,Fuck You,and The Faceless Machine.I believe that we are doing quite well. But recently tragedy struck. Our bass player, Nate Moreno, was forced, by his fascist parents, to join the dreaded JOB CORE, so now we are out a bassist. That's all for now.FUCK.