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Here are some songs that i have written. They are kinda depressing so if you don't like depressing songs then you might wanna go on to another part of the site...

My Mind

i walk around
with a song in my head
it's all i can think of right now
from the moment
i got out of bed
to the second i go back

nobody knows my thoughts
the only secrets i can keep
but when you look into my eyes
it's like you know everything
it's like you know everything

how do you see right through me?
even when my skies are cloudy and grey
you know just what i have on my mind
how do you see right through me?
even when i say i'm alright
you know what's really on my mind

i don't like to draw attention to myself
so i hide all my feelings behind my heart
i put on a smile to mask my tears
cuz' i know they won't understand

chorus X2

Asking Myself Why

i am so confused
i thought you like me too
but i guess i was wrong, i was wrong

i was practically
in love boy
but i guess that you weren't, you weren't

nothing i could do
nothing i could say
would make you wanna be with me
so why did you even ask?

you walked into my heart
and then you tore it up from
the inside out
now i'm left here
to cry, to die
asking myself why

i really fell for you
and when you fell for her
i stood by you anyway, anyway

i helped you when it hurt
when she let you down
and you still dismissed me, dismissed me

pre-chorus, chorus

maybe we were better as friends
and now that i'm older i
understand, oh i understand


hold me down
i'm about to run out
i've waisted my time too long
one more time
i let you use me up
and i'm gonna move on

did it feel good
when you kissed her lips
did you think of me at all
are you happy now
that's all i ever wanted
but i wanted to be the one
to make you feel that way, oh

why couldn't you have waited a while
you had to move on so fast
my heart hadn't let you go
but i guess yours did
you didn't hesitate at all

was i the one
the one who was there
when you needed someone
did you care
about me at all
did you even wanna give me time

eventually i would've come outta my shell
this always happens to me
now i;m sttin' here livin' in hell
cuz' you're not here with me

and now
it's time to get on with my life
i'm gonna miss you so damn much
a world witout you here
sux sooo bad but i know
that i will be ok
i'll be ok


i can't seem to find my place in this crazy world
messed up thoughts of yesterday i feel like i could die
no one really cares even though they say they do
i know better then that,oh

alone in this world
even when i'm surrounded
by those who claim to love me
alone in this world
even when i have all i need
right here with me it's not enough

what do i do when i feel like this is know that
crying doesn't get me anywhere simple tears
turn to dust and now i'm buried up to my neck
oh i don;t know if i can go on living this way


i can't ignore the fact that i'm all alone
but i just wish that i believed you that
i wasn't, i wasn't...

This Is My Life

this is my life
i'm only 16
lying on my bed staring at the cracks on the walls

depression, obsession, incomplete comprehension
and all i can feel is your touch

it's 2:53
and i can't seem to get things off my mind
what does this mean?
what kind of mess am i going through this time

obvious, glorious, truthful indeed
why can't i just let this go?

time passes by
and i still feel the same way i did before
i do not know why
but i feel myself wanting you so much more

irresistible, mystical, helpless and volnurable
my mind is torn up

this is my life...


it seems that time is flying by
i blink and there goes 3 years
and all i know is i have gone nowhere
where has all this time gone?

i feel like i'm such a failure
everything that i do is wrong
i try so hard to get it right
but all i do is make it worse

somebody kill me
i'm already dead
somebody help me
i'm losing my head
somebody find me
i'm lost in this world
somebody love me
i'm just a little girl

i take another drink it's all i can do
now that i've lost all sense of time and place
i'm so astranged that i can't hardly think
i just need to find a way out...

what's the use of even trying
everything i do is wrong
i try so hard to get it right
but all i do is make it worse

i'm just a little girl
i'm lost in this world
i'm losing my head
i feel like i'm dead
i just need to find a way out

Bottled Up Emotions

you better not look at me
i might start to cry
you better not talk to me
' i might try to lie
you see i am lost now

i wish you could see my pain
but you're just too blind
i wish you liked the rain
but you always thought with your mind
you see i am lost now

i bottled up my emotions
look where they got me
i am now scattered across your eyes
and that you cannot see
you are too damn ignorant

i started my day with yawn
i am too tired for this
i last kissed you on the front lawn
that is something i will always miss
you see i am lost now

i don't wanna look at you
you make me wanna cry
i don't wanna talk to you
cuz i know i'll have to lie
you see i am lost now

now i am going to try and move on
i don't wanna be lost anymore

My Enemy

i sit alone and stare out my window
i'm wondering where did my love go
i'm feeling lonely and it's all my fault
i should've listened to my knowing heart

my enemy lives in me
she creeps among the walls of my soul
my enemy lives in me
and i fear that she will never let my heart go
my enemy

i know there's nothing i can do
,y enemy has gotten to you
no convincing will change your mind
i really screwed things up this time


oh and i know that this is a battle
that i have to fight
cuz my enemy's a b****
and she's gonna die tonight

Let Me Talk

oh i don't know why i let you hurt me so
but i can't seem to get myslef to let you go
and i wanna tell you exactly how i feel
but you're making it hard for me to come out real

i honestly want to let you go but
anytime i say a word you go off
you won't let me share my pain

why don't you just
shut up and let me
talk and say what i need to say
shut your mouth and let me talk
listen up cuz i'm through with you today

you just like to play your games w/ me
like when you said that you wanted to be free
that whole damn time you were with someone else
and i was sitting at home dwelling in my guilt

you took me back and blamed it all
on me and i just never said a thing
but now it's time for you to get the hell
away and kiss my ass

you're a liar
i hate you so
i don't ever wanna see you again......