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Here are some of my own pictures. Pictures of friends, family, things i own, things i wish i owned. You know just something random. It'll take a while to get everything i want on here but i will eventually. lol.


This is me on the left there and my best friend Daphne now you know what I look like that's great...I think. The picture takes forever to load so if you really want to know what i look like then you have to be patient. Oh yeah and thanks Braden for getting the picture for me!!!


Here is my big brother Josh. He's the best brother in the world, I love him alot!!!! (even though he's weird. lol.) ;)


This is one of my really good friends Farelle Paternella a.k.a. Farelly. I've known her for about 3 or 4 years! She's a great friend!

This is another one of my really good friends, Chris Jones. He also happens to be my ex-boyfriend from 9th grade. I've also known him for about 3 or 4 years...he looks kinda mean in this picture, but he's really not. lol.


Here are some vans that i own. They aren't the best because they wore out really fast :(

Here's my old navy hoodie. The first day i wore it, it was really cold outside and i hadn't washed it yet. Well, the fabric turned my knuckles and parts of my hands kinda bluish/purple and i thought it was because of the cold! lol. but then when i got warmer i figured it out! what a dork i am.

Aah...the good old photo book. i love pictures! and this thingy is just so darn soft! lol. This is my 3rd photo book for all my pictures. I take as many as i can during each year but so far i only have 2 in this one :(