hey every1 :o....if you dont know me, my name is christa.i live in a metropolis called Ridgway..RIIGGHTT! for all of you know where Ridgway is, you know Im being completely sarcastic about the metropolis thing! Ridgway is the tiniest, most stupid, completely boring town a teenager could ever grow up in! BUT ANYWAY, on a better note, I have great friends which makes living here much less miserable!! I dunno what I would do without every single one of my friends, and I want all of you 2 know that I really love all of you! *S* (this goes for all of my outta town friends 2, I love you just as much! *hehe*) Especially Blint, i miss you hunny!! :o( Well, for every1 that doesnt know me, Ill say a lil about myself! Im 17/f who absolutely loves punk music!! (which all of my friends know!) If there were no punk shows around here, i would prolly cry *L* alright, well maybe not cry, but i'd be bored outta my mind!! Umm.a lil more about myselflet me think! Alright, I like writing poetry and stuff like that..i got a few things published and thats prolly the most major accomplishment of my life! (pretty sad, huh? *L*) ummIm in cheerleading, which isnt 2 bad anymore, I think Im actually starting 2 like it! And we finally have a new and improved all-star competition squad, which is a lot of fun! *L* I also love plays, and have been in our school play since 6th grade, last year we did the musical Guys & Dolls and yes, we kicked ass....i got 2 dress up like a slut and i loved it! *hehe* Something else i really love 2 do is sing, this doesnt mean that i have an awesome voice *L* it just means that i really enjoy it, haha! *lalala.well anyway.im a pretty friendly person and I get along w/ almost everyone! I dunno I dont have much more 2 say about myselfsoo just have some fun looking at some dorky pics of me and my friends! :o and if ya ever wanna talk 2 me, email me at xriot04girlx@hotmail.com or look up my icq # which is 136189899.well love ya all ;o)

Back(L-R)- Katie & Brittany R.
Front(L-R) - Samantha, Cyndi, Brittany B., Me, Brittany F., Jess
Blint & Me summer of '01 at camp!
At St. Mary's park the last day of school in '02!
Another at the park on the last day of school '02!*i'm takin the pic in this one*
Me, Blint, Cyndi & Annie this summer...just chillin'
Cyndi (AKA Ms. Cleo) and Blint being queer! haha :o
Blint & Me gettin ready 2 go 2 newman's toga *Summer '01* party!
(Back to Front from L-R) Eric, Fran, Blint, Me, Jude, Dur, Murph & Justin *Newman* at the Blink 182 and NFG concert :o *Summer '01*
Me, Jean, Jill and SEXY Calvin in the middle....woohooo!! *in spring of '01 *L*
Jess B, Me, Meg B & Jenna R 2 years ago at a halloween dance, we're such SPEDS!! :o
Blint & Me before homecoming '01, we're so damn sexy :o
Blint & Me being Rainbow Bright during Halloween '01!!,
wasn't i so damn cute? hehe