Chocolate, Bop-It's and Plants?

One day a chocolate molestor walked into a chocolate factory and was "overcummed" by the need to lick every piece and offer it to the plant activist and bop-it breaker. A leaf fell on the ground and the plant activist cried, not because of the plant but because the bop-it breaker was stalking her. So the chocolate molestor said "Lick my chocolate." The bop-it breaker came walking down the street carrying a camera and binoculars obviously on her way to stalk the plant activist. The chocolate molestor said "lick my chocolate." Later that day, the chocolate molestor was crying because she lost her friend to pillsbury doughboy that day to a yeast infection. To cheer her up, the bop-it breaker said, "Bop it, twist it, pull it." That didn't work so she added, "pass it." In response the chocolate molestor said "Lick my chocolate." That plant activist realized that was the only thing the chocolate molestor could say because her mom was a haunakah bush. But the plant activist had no idea how to spell and asked it's stalker and in response she said, "Hauuu-nakah." In the end, all the bop-it breaker could say was "Agkahdozam," and all the chocolate molestor could say was "Lick my chocolate," and all the plant activist could say was "Oh my god a talking muffin!!" ~*THE END*~

Plant activist~Kristin~10/01/02-10/04/02 * Bop-it breaker~Linzy~09/29/02-_____ * Chocolate molestor~Allison~10/02/02-10/07/02