Beat Summer Boredom - part 1

The final bell rings, the school doors fly open, and you and hundreds of screaming buddies race off the freedom. Summer vacation has arrived! Without a doubt, it's the absolute best day of the year. But you must admit that sleeping in, playing your Playstation2 or X-Box and eating cold pizza for breakfast evenually get old. Most of your friends have great summer jobs. One is even the royal taster for Sheik Yogi Andbubu. Everyone else is off to exotic vacation spots like Pago Pago or Bora Bora. Meanwhile, your loooong summer afternoons are punctuated by SpongeBob marathons and mom whisking the vacuum cleaner past your toes. You're bored. Before you totally blitz-out and start praying for school to hurry up and get here to break the monotony, try trading places with your pet for a day; give your bed to fido while you sleep in the doghouse. Or take some friends to a fancy restaurant and tell the maitre d' that your last name is Papapa just to hear him page "The Papapa party for four!" ... Okay, maybe these are a little extreme for some of you. But here's six real steps you can take to beat summer boredom!

Turn off the tube.

Vary your routine.

Be spontanious.