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Guurg's Bio

Guurg-Greg Tribbett-Guitar:

Before Mudvayne was formed, Greg had a strong background in the local music scene dating back to his teens. In the years of his youth, his engagement to the local Gestapo heightened his sense of awareness and personal preservation. He took up guitar at a young age to appease his fascination with the instrument, "I spent hours in my fucking bedroom trying to figure it out."

Musical influences include "anything by Led Zeppelin" and Tool. Over the years, Greg has attained many nicknames such as The Big Ragu and we can only wonder how they came about. "I have a ton of nicknames but Gurrg just happened to stick. What other nicknames? Meat, Chismo, they call me all kindsa shit man."

Setup: Gurgg plays a Gibson Les Paul Custom (many actually) as well as Flying V's, he uses a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier for his distortion which is hooked up to a Mesa Boogie 4X12 Cabinet, with a lead into an A/B Switch box, which connects to a Roland J120/140 Jazz Amp stacked w/ another Boogie 4X12 Cabinet for clean tones, a Morley Bad Horsie Wah Wah, Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler Pedal, and Shure Wireless System.

Marital status: "Married, june 5th 2000. My wifes been really supportive through this, and she loves what we do too."

From: "Peoria, Illinois, but I was born in Pekin, Illinios."

Other than your instrument, what do you bring to the band? "I am the dictator! Consistency. Level-headedness, and I probably stop every fight these guys ever have!"

What was the first record you bought? "I belive it was the soundtrack to Grease. Pretty corny I know!"

What was the first concert you went to? "AC/DC, Peoria Civic Centre - AC/DC and Fastway."

What is your idea of hell? "I don't have an idea about hell really. I don't care if it exists or if it doesn't."

What was your first ever job? "It was a paper round."

What is your favourite film? "2001: A Space Odyssey."

What is your favourite comic? "Mudvayne - it'd be pretty messed up, though!"

When fame becomes too much for you and you have to fake your own death, what will be the elaborate story that appears in the papers? "It would have to be a plane crash. I think I'd be found dead when I crash the Mudvayne private jet!"