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Christmas is soon, we all are getting new boards, bikes, guitars, and skates. We all will be happy campers but I just wanted to get another update in before Xmas.

Hey guys, sorry for the long update. I have been out skating and my mouse is broken. The skater taylor rydeen is my equal (thats good) and i skate with him daily he skates for enjoi. Me and him are getting sponsered in one year! Taylor Rydeen is the new skater of the month so im him instead of me. aim- enjoiskating23

Whats up my folks, I am about to put up a skater of the month!!! His name is Lu Jak, yeah right, micah boyd!!!! Congrats Lujak, but anywayz Micah will NOT be it for the month, more updates soon. Email or aim me if you have any questions...
Lujaks (email) phatskater919
tobybsk2 (aim)

Sorry for not updating in along time. I have been skating and busy making layouts and pimpin girls. Well anyway my birthdays coming up this 10.22.02 and I real excited! So ugh all the links are up and running and we are coming out with a new section! Called the GFX section free graphix for your computer and other crap, well enjoi!

Whats up, like the new layout? Well if yah don't or want to make some suggestions, then please email motoboards suggetion area here, click here Enjoi your stay!!!!

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