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TEAM MELBAY MASTER CASTERS (melbourne/palmbay, Florida)

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Welcome to the home of the "MELBAY MASTER CASTERS". This little peice of the web is dedicated to those tiny bodies of water in and around your town. A lot of novice anglers think that the only way to get a good day of bass fishin in requires loading up the boat and hauling it to some big lake you might see on t.v. or in a magazine when really some of the best fishin can be done in the least likely of places. Those small canals or ponds that you see on the side of the road can hold some of the biggest bass around....and a lot of people dont even know about it!! Well, thats where we come in. We're here to offer some info on where to find these goldmines and how to fish them. And guess what, all you need is your rod n reel and a backpack full of your favorite lures!

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Here are the links throughout our site...feel free to click about....there is SOO much more work for me to do on this site. Eventually I will have it running the way I intend it to be...just give me a little bit of time