Tragedy on 9/11/01

On 9/11/01, tragedy struck the United States of America. Only 3 hours away from me, the World Trade Center buildings (Twin Towers) collapsed due to an act of terrorism. One plane, crashed into the North Tower. Shortly after, another plane hit the South Tower. Then the Pentagon. Shortly after that, a plane that was over Cleveland, my home town, made a "U" turn and crashed into the soils of Pennsylvania, about 80 miles from Pittsburgh. The infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden (bastard), who has made attacks on US Embassys everywhere over the past 10 years, is the prime suspect in this terrible act of War. The US has made 20-some arrests so far. Heres how you can help:

* Donate any amount of money to a charity such as the Red Cross, The United Way, etc. For more information, call 1-800-Help-now

* Give Blood. Call 1-800-Give Life or check the Red Cross website on where you can donate.

* Say a prayer. Theres nothing more powerful.

* Write a letter to the victim's families, NYC Police and Fire Department, your Local Police and Fire, the Government, just to express sympathy and/or say thanks.

* If you can, buy an American Flag and place it ouside. Tie a yellow ribbon ouside your house; Red, white and Blue works too...

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