Thank Yous


God -- Without his unconditional love and his existance, I wouldn't be here.

A.Jay, Jeremy, Kevin, and Allen... aka Lit - They are the most awesome band on Earth. Without their music, I would've been long gone by now. Thanks.

My parents... For bringing me to this miserable hell we call Earth... As crappy as it is sometimes, I love it. Thank you for letting me sit on the computer... Just don't make me clean my room anymore.

My sister Tracy (Beebee)... For putting up with me and for going on an Internet fast while I got this thing off the ground.

Becca, my long lost sister... You may live 700 miles away, but you know me like my sister. Thanks for the help when I was sad, and for answering my technical questions. I AM computer illiterate.

Beau... For helping Becca, who helped me with my site. If I ever get bitchy, just tell me I have PMS, and I'll try to stop.

Angelfire for putting my site up.

Webmonkey for all the help.

The people who come to my site... Thanks...

And if I forgot someone/you in-particular, e-mail me.