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5 SMOKIN' TRACKS FROM... LIT - Released 1/1/1998

TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC - Re - Released 11/23/1999

A PLACE IN THE SUN - Released 2/23/1999

ATOMIC - To Be Released 10/16/01

ATOMIC LIMITED - To Be Released 10/16/01


1. Bitter

2. Fireman

3. No Big Thing

4. Beginning

5. Stain


1. Beginning

2. My World

3. Fuel

4. No Big Thing

5. Habib

6. Explode

7. Bitter

8. Amount to Nothing

9. Dozer

10. Fireman

11. Cadillac

12. I Don't Get It

This is an enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files. Lit: A. Jay Popoff (vocals); Jeremy Popoff (guitar); Kevin Baldes (bass); Allen Shellenberger (drums). Additional personnel: Niels Bye Nielsen (various instruments); Derek Dee (cello); Satnam Singh Ramgotra (tabla); A.J. Martin (DJ). Recorded at Grand Master and Hollywood Sound, Los Angeles, California. Originally released on an indie label, the major-label re-release of TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC is a fitting example of a band trying to find its musical identity. Brothers A. Jay and Jeremy Popoff started as the metal band Razzle before eventually settling on the name Lit, a name that better describes the angst and fierce energy of the group's songs. "Explode" borrows heavily from the groundwork laid by bands like Faith No More. The Eastern percussion and electric sitar sounds meld surprisingly well with the minor-key riffing of "Habib." The lyrical mantra that attends "Amount to Nothing" is disturbing and adventurous. "My World" shows bands such as Jane's Addiction to have a strong presence in Lit's songwriting. In "Fuel," A. Jay explores the hypocrisy and shallowness of jumping on musical trends, as he sings "I don't even listen to this kind of music / I only want to be famous." Lit's hard rock/punk approach capitalizes on the band's aggression--the group leans toward a commercial sound without ever crossing the threshold into something weak or contrived.


1. Four

2. My Own Worst Enemy

3. Down

4. Miserable

5. No Big Thing

6. Zip-Lock

7. Lovely Day

8. Perfect One

9. Quicksand

10. Happy

11. The Best is Yet to Come Undone

12. A Place in the Sun

Lit: A. Jay Popoff (vocals, percussion); Jeremy Popoff (guitar, Moog synthesizer, background vocals); Kevin Baldes (bass); Allen Shellenberger (drums, percussion). Additional personnel: Larry Williams (saxophone); Gary Grant (trumpet); Jerry Hey, Reggie Young (trombone); Niels Bye Nielsen (Mellotron); Don Gilmore (background vocals). The musical schizophrenia of Lit's independent release, TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, showed promise but never quite hit the mark. Lit's major-label debut, A PLACE IN THE SUN, puts the band right on target. The band has done away with its unfocused genre-hopping and polished its sound into tight power-pop-punk rock. The group's commercial crossover puts it more in the vein of bands such as Green Day and Eve 6, but the band continues to build on its keen lyrical sensibility. The opening track, "Four," mixes humorous lyrics with irresistible vocal harmonies. "Quicksand" has the melodic grace one associates with songwriters like Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. The dichotomy of "Happy" is clever to say the least, with a perky, up-beat chord progression and lyrics that speak of frustration and the struggle to maintain a positive mindset. A PLACE IN THE SUN serves up its main course with "My Own Worst Enemy." The song's protagonist has woken from a drunken stupor only to find a trail of physical and emotional destruction in his wake. Self-deprecation has rarely been so hilarious and so damn catchy.


1. Lipstick And Bruises

2. Sunny Weather

3. Addicted

4. Next Time Around

5. The Last Time Again

6. Something To Someone

7. Drop D.

8. Live For This

9. She Comes

10. Slip

11. Cool Again

12. Happy In The Meantime

13. Over My Head